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golden moon artificial grass

  Lawn is very common in our daily life, basically everywhere. With the development of the times, lawns have entered the market. Due to the inconvenience of natural turf, artificial turf gradually replaced natural artificial turf. Of course, the current artificial turf is not only used in football fields, but also everywhere. In addition to its use value, artificial turf also has good use value.

  Landscape simulation lawn also has good use value. Landscape artificial turf is used in parks, courtyards, schools, villas, indoor greening, houses, hotels, exhibition halls, clubs and other places with a lot of people.

  Artificial turf is mainly made of different materials such as glass fiber resin. Due to the habit of turf itself, there are great geographical restrictions, but artificial turf breaks this restriction to a certain extent. Artificial turf is made of non-toxic and harmless plastic materials and can be recycled. It does not require manual management, watering or pruning, thereby saving a lot of management costs.

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