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Artificial turf is growing in popularity

  With the application of new filling construction technology, houses are often built very large, but yards are becoming smaller, which prompts people to look to artificial turf.

  Apart from winter, artificial turf looks real. But artificial grass is more expensive than real grass. The laying of artificial turf also requires a lot of basic preparations: the ground surface is crushed, flattened and compacted, then covered with a layer of sand, and then the artificial turf is rolled like a carpet, and then the artificial turf is fixed, and the sand Its depressed. Small holes are left in the artificial turf to allow water to penetrate the ground.

  The advantage of artificial turf is not only to save water, but also does not need to cut grass, nor does it affect the appearance because the grass dies. This is a good choice for pet owners, especially dogs who like digging. Another advantage of artificial turf is that you can use cleaners on it and rinse it with water for easy maintenance.

  The disadvantage of artificial turf is that in hot weather, artificial turf will heat up and cannot provide the cooling effect like real turf.

  In addition to artificial turf, there are lower cost options, such as overlays, rocks, and perennial floor coverings. No matter which method you use, it should bring you inner happiness, so that you can enjoy leisure time with your friends.

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