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Artificial turf is the first choice for roof greening

  The use of artificial turf for greening of the balcony can improve the overall decoration effect of the family and increase the happiness of life; the natural turf is prone to breed bacteria and pests, thereby affecting the sanitation of the family's living environment. Artificial turf is used for balcony greening, not only can enjoy the environmental protection of natural turf, but also can reduce the trouble of maintenance.

  The green Golden Moon artificial turf has the function of heat insulation in summer. And the artificial turf can remain evergreen all year round. Golden Moon artificial turf materials are environmentally friendly, with diverse patterns and complete colors, providing customers with more choices.

  Compared with natural grass, artificial turf is not easy to pollute the soil and is easy to clean. After long-term trampling on natural grass, the quality of the grass will be crushed and seriously damaged. On the contrary, artificial turf has a dust-absorbing effect. It is easy to clean and can be rinsed with clean water. It is resistant to trampling and has high grass quality.

  The use of artificial turf for indoor greening can not only save costs, but also reduce maintenance time. Therefore, to decorate a safe, time-saving and beautiful balcony garden, please choose artificial turf.

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