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Artificial turf makes you enjoy the benefits

  The artificial turf has the advantages of bright appearance, green and vivid seasons, good drainage performance, long service life and low maintenance cost.

  Artificial turf can be applied to running fields, football fields, tennis courts, baseball fields, hockey fields, gates, golf courses, basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts, softball fields and other sports venues. It can also be applied to the comprehensive event venues in the square, the venue and the schools, kindergartens and kindergartens. As well as the green decoration of roads, railways, community greening, roofs and courtyards. Its main raw materials are: PE (polyethylene, mainly used in sports fields), PA (imported nylon, sports and leisure venues), PP (polypropylene, mainly curly wire, used in leisure places). Environmentally friendly, pollution-free and pollution-free.

  Artificial turf is widely used in interior decoration, courtyard landscape and building greening. The artificial grass lawn is bright green and natural, and the grass is fine. It is the best substitute for natural turf. It is more and more widely used in hotel greening decoration. The roof of the roof is green, and the interior shops, office buildings and office buildings are decorated.

  The charm of artificial grass is fascinating and ubiquitous. It brings people unlimited real pleasure and fun. It can be seen that the artificial turf is now growing like a mushroom in the country. His market is very wide, there are many groups used, and its advantages are self-evident. Therefore, artificial turf is a good opportunity for individuals and for those who want to take the opportunity to seize market demand. We hope not only to sell lawns, but also to hope that our lives will be more vibrant and hopeful. People with dreams realize their dreams, and hope that the white-collar friends who are in the office every day and in front of the computer will not be so tired and will not be so depressed. I hope that their daily work is easy and enjoyable!

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