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Artificial turf material identification method

  Artificial turf material identification method

  1. Artificial turf grass fiber material. Polyethylene (PE), good cost performance, popular in the world, widely accepted by the public; polypropylene (PP), grass fiber is hard, easy to fibrillation is generally suitable for tennis court artificial turf, playground and other purposes; nylon (PA) is The best artificial grass materials, nylon and artificial grass are widely used in developed countries such as the United States. The price in China is high, and most customers can't accept it.

  2. The bottom. Wool composite woven fabric, durable, anti-corrosion performance, good adhesion to glue and grass, easy to firm, this artificial grass is moderately priced; the bottom of the mesh fiber, using fiberglass and other materials, to increase the strength of the bottom and The binding force of grass fiber has a good help.

  3. Artificial turf glue. Styrene-butadiene latex is a popular material for artificial turf in the Chinese market. Good performance, cheap cost, water-melting, but easy to leak glue, better with German BASF; polyurethane (PU) glue, strength and binding force is several times more than the above products, durable, beautiful color, absolutely not It will be corrosive, moldy and environmentally friendly, but it is more expensive and is an internationally accepted material.

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