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Artificial turf material selection requirements

Compared with natural turf, artificial turf has the advantage that natural turf is irreplaceable.

First, the artificial turf is very high in use rate, not only can shock absorption and no noise, but also safe and non-toxic and has good elasticity. The flame retardant performance is also comparable to natural lawn, especially suitable for use in various trainings. In the field of the field and competition, it is often used in the playground of primary and secondary schools; the production material of artificial turf is very environmentally friendly, and it can be recycled again.

Second, if the artificial turf is flat and fixed, the whole construction period is still relatively short, so the acceptance is more simple, basically no need to have any professional knowledge; artificial turf can be used 24 hours a day, no It will be affected by the weather and has a high water seepage performance. The rainwater can be drained almost twenty minutes after the heavy rain.

Third, the installation of artificial turf does not need to be adhered to the basic layer, can be used on the foundation surface of cement, asphalt and hard sand, without cracking and air bubbles; the maintenance and maintenance of artificial turf is very simple It does not require too much oxidation cost, and it can be washed directly with water.

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