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Artificial turf water waxing operating skills

  Professional manufacturers warned that water spray on the artificial turf is a very crucial maintenance measures, it will directly affect the life of artificial turf. In addition to watering, the artificial turf needs to be waxed during conservation, and this time and method needs to be properly understood.

  Although the water can keep the artificial lawn does not dry, not cracked, not degenerate, but there are shortcomings of water, that is, because artificial turf spray water and the surface is too smooth, the athletes wrestling easily affect the technical play. Therefore, to control the time and amount of water spray.

  The artificial turf waxing is generally carried out in the spring each year, and to operate before damp; waxing need to artificial grass to clean and dry, available alkaline or detergent solution to scrub, brush brush can also be used first , Then rinse with water, wipe, dry.

  When waxing the artificial turf, it is necessary to first put the wax into the sachet sewn with a sachet, then spray water on the artificial turf evenly from front to back from a certain point in the field. Wait for a while before polishing with a waxer.

  The wax used here is made of No. 10 diesel oil, oil, rosin and other raw materials, with artificial turf is not dry, non-deterioration and anti-corrosion, anti-skid and so on. Under normal circumstances once or twice a week, the number of dry climate can be increased as appropriate.

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