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  Artificial grass turf is a relatively economical and environmentally friendly greening product. It can be classified according to different uses. Golden Moon introduces some simple classifications of artificial grass turf.

  First of all, the classification of artificial grass turf in terms of use.

  1. Sports artificial grass

  Artificial sports turf is more wear-resistant and has a good protective effect on athletes, such as avoiding joint injuries and skin scratches that athletes may encounter, especially the artificial grass turf of football fields, which can ensure the effective rolling of football.

  2. Leisure artificial grass

  Leisure lawn has the advantages of beautiful evergreen, environmental protection, simulation, durability, economy, maintenance-free, and simple construction.

  3. Landscape artificial grass

  Landscaping, garden greening, park greening lawn, artificial lawn carpet. More and more kindergartens, families, private and public gardens, hotel carpets, etc. begin to use artificial grass. Compared with natural grasses, artificial grasses have unique natural characteristics and are far superior to natural grasses in appearance and use. In addition, there is a very important point, that is, natural grass can not grow, artificial grass can also bring you a high use effect.

  In terms of workmanship, the classification of artificial grass turf

  1. Artificial grass turf without quicksand

  Quicksand-free artificial grass turf can also be divided into two categories: seepage and anti-seepage. The shape of this lawn is very similar to natural lawns. Some lawns have a shock-absorbing foam cushion, and the wave-absorbing layer has many different densities and thicknesses. The shape of the lawn is very similar to the natural lawn. Under the shock-absorbing foam, a layer of smooth asphalt should be laid as the foundation, and gravel, gravel and pebbles should be laid under the asphalt. The structure of the drainage system is the key link. In addition, this kind of artificial grass turf needs to use special artificial grass turf machinery in the installation process, especially in the laying and installation of some professional or expensive sports fields, otherwise it will not be able to meet the requirements of flatness and uniformity of the field. In order to meet special needs, it needs to be constructed in strict accordance with the above requirements.

  2. Artificial grass turf filled with particles

  Filled pellet lawn has been accepted by the majority of users for its advanced international sports performance and good practicability. These materials are mostly polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) polymers. The fibers of the lawn are longer than unsand lawns, and the backfills of quartz sand and rubber particles are 2mm and 3mm.

  Its sports characteristics are very close to those of natural lawns and can be used all day long. Generally, the lawn needs to be maintained and used for 6 to 8 months. This kind of lawn is especially suitable for outdoor laying, and the warranty period is generally 5-8 years, but its actual service life can exceed 5 years.

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