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After the artificial turf ground is put into use, there will be some stains or defects on its surface, which will not only affect the beauty of the artificial turf but also damage the artificial turf and shorten its service life. So how do you get rid of these blemishes and blemishes on artificial grass?

For the surface of artificial turf, try to remove water-like debris with a mild household cleaner, or brush with strong fibers, or scrub with soapy water first Then Rinse thoroughly with clean water where there is soapy water. If necessary, dry it with an absorbent towel.

The man-made lawns are stained with carbon rods, metal polishes, cooking oil, rubber scuff marks, Shoe Polish, sunscreen oil, ballpoint pen oil, and so on. The better way to remove them is to sponge them with perchloroethylene Dry with a strong absorbent towel.

When paint, paint and other residues in artificial turf must be promptly removed, can be Turpentine or paint remover wipe, with cleaning agents and water decontamination; and then wash cleaning agents with cold water, and hard wipe, with a sponge, dipped in perchloroethylene wipe Repeat it if necessary.

Paraffin, tar, and asphalt are also common stains on artificial lawns, with paraffin being rubbed vigorously or using a sponge with perchloroethylene, while the latter two are rubbed vigorously or using a sponge with perchloroethylene. Note that since mineral paints and other solvents containing petroleum are flammable, do not smoke or light fires near containers or solutions.

In addition, chewing gum on artificial turf can be sprayed into small pieces with Freon to remove residue; fungi or mildew spots can be poured into water with 1% hydrogen peroxide, and thoroughly soaked with water after cleaning, so that the artificial turf resume clean surface.

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