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Here's your pet's favorite artificial grass

Provide a safe and comfortable environment for your dog and give it plenty of space to play and exercise. The Golden Moon artificial turf will become the dog's favorite.

If dogs are used to the natural feel of natural grass, artificial turfs are a better choice. Their visual and tactile imitations are so real that your pet will never notice the difference. At the same time, artificial grass is woven on the plastic bottom cloth, the bottom holes to ensure urine and water discharge. Now that your pet is used to natural turfs, and natural turfs are disappearing, we sincerely recommend using artificial turfs to replace natural turfs.

You can enjoy the artificial grass at will, and no longer worry that dogs will tear up or their excrement and smell dirty your turf, artificial grass has a strong permeability. Can discharge any liquid such as pet urine quickly, pet excrement also can remove easily, won't let urine residue and breed bacteria cause disease, also easy to clean and maintain. More importantly, artificial grass does not cause any damage.

You don't need to worry about muddy spots or claw marks, and you don't have to clean them before the dog gets back in the house. Every day will give you a comfortable and tidy home.

You never have to worry about sun exposure, land caking, muddy, fertilizing and weeding grass from which pets can't play. And you never have to worry about your dog ruining the turf.

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