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How do you know how to put fake flowers

  Fake flowers, because of their never fading and various shapes, are favored by the beauty lovers. The home decoration effect of fake flowers has also aroused widespread concern. Through the production of fake flower decorations, people can discover and explore novel flower arrangement art, which can be used to cultivate personal taste and improve their aesthetic level. Applying florals better to our home living environment. Let's take a look at the placement techniques of fake flowers:

  1. The bedroom needs warmth and tranquility, the flower arrangement should not be too much, the color should not be mixed, and it can be inserted into a spherical or semi-circular shape.

  2. The flower arrangement of the restaurant should choose a bright variety, and insert it into a diamond shape, a disc shape or a triangle, so that people can watch from all angles.

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  3. The floral decoration of the study or writing desk is suitable for small size, with small branches and fruit, and one leaf for single flower, in order to be fresh and elegant.

  4. Bathrooms and kitchens can be selected from green-based foliage plants and yellow-based cereal plants.

  5. The indoor aisle and foyer are best inserted into a fan shape or a pen holder to reduce the occupied area. The materials are preferably brightly colored flowers.

  6. The flower arrangement in the living room can be more generous, such as the fan shape or the peacock opening screen shape, it will be very warm.

  7. Smaller places such as coffee tables and cabinets should be decorated with small, conical flower shapes.

  8. The living room is the face of the whole family. The flower arrangement advocates a warm, beautiful and uplifting atmosphere. The color of the flowers should be coordinated with the tone of the living room. In addition to purchasing some larger flowers, you can also choose gorgeous flowers such as anthurium, gerberas, ylang, cranes. Wanglan, lily, etc., can also be inserted into a solid color flower or a variety of flower colors.

  9. On the coffee table, it is advisable to place the orchids in the elegant and popular style. You can also use the small clay pots to insert the fun flower arrangement. You can also put a pot of phalaenopsis, cymbidium, dancing orchid and perfume on the flower stand or shelf. Wen Xinlan and so on.

  10. On the bottom of the flower stand, on the coffee table or on the TV cabinet, you can also put a few pots of bright orange red wild chrysanthemums. These warm and open wild chrysanthemums are placed in the living room, which will add special vitality to the home.

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