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How to bond artificial turf to the base surface

  During the construction of artificial turf, it is necessary to connect the turf and the foundation, which plays a fixed role.

  Before connecting the joints, it is necessary to know what the basic material is. If it is a cement foundation, it can be treated with professional glue. In the specific operation, glue the back of the artificial turf. In the same way, apply glue on the basic ground. After waiting for a while, glue the two together. In order to get better results, it is best to use tools to consolidate them.

  If the base surface becomes a wooden structure, there is basically no need for glue, instead it is a gas nail gun or a screw, but if you want to fix the effect better, you can also use the screw on the basis of the glue. It is also possible to encounter the basic surface of the steel structure, which is similar to the way the cement surface is bonded. After fixing, the artificial turf can perform its intended function.

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