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How to judge the quality of artificial grass turf

  With the huge market demand for artificial grass turf applications, many manufacturers will seize the market at low prices, resulting in a large number of inferior or unqualified artificial grass turf flowing into the market. How to easily distinguish between good and bad products? Golden Moon artificial grass provides some quick and easy identification methods:

  1. Grass silk is easy to lose hair, and the color is not bright enough. The reason is that grass silk is made of inferior raw materials.

  2. The back glue is thin, the exposure is obvious, and the bottom cloth is thin, which affects the service life of the lawn. The grass silk is easy to fall off, and the base fabric is easy to rot.

  3. The density of grass silk is very small.

  Inferior fake turf has uneven color and darker color, which is obviously unnatural compared with real grass; in order to reduce production costs, do not use harmless high-purity raw materials, or simply use recycled materials containing heavy metals, and the formula is more arbitrary, such as anti-corrosion. Additive ingredients such as ultraviolet rays, anti-wear, anti-aging, etc. are far from enough or incomplete, the strength of the bottom lining is insufficient, and the chewing gum is not environmentally friendly, which are important factors that lead to the quality of fake grass. In the end, not only the appearance is poor, but also the sports performance cannot be achieved, the service life is short, and it even causes harm to the human body.

  With the continuous improvement of artificial grass turf production technology, the performance and quality of artificial grass turf will get better and better, and it will be closer and closer to natural turf. At present, artificial grass turf has been widely used. Golden Moon believes that many people know that the raw material of artificial grass turf is polyethylene. The material has excellent performance, moderate price, and is easily accepted by the public. It is currently the main material for artificial grass turf.

  This article is edited and published by Golden Moon Artificial Grass Turf, please feel free to contact us for more inquiries and orders.

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