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How to maintain artificial turf in summer

In summer, the hot temperature is also high. The artificial turf material is flammable. Therefore, the “No Smoking” logo is erected around the grass. These basic requirements are still important. How to maintain the artificial turf in the summer? The Golden Moon will share with you. , I hope to be helpful.

1. When the hot temperature in summer increases suddenly, the temperature of the artificial turf may increase. At this time, we can cool the lawn with water to make the athletes cool and comfortable. This method is also a clean way for the lawn itself, of course, the frequency of watering should not be too frequent.

2, the artificial turf is usually inspected and repaired. During the use of artificial turf, the seam should be checked for looseness at any time. Whether the bottom of the turf is damaged, torn or burned. If there is a large repair, you should contact the paving company in time. Don't do it yourself to save money and trouble, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

So master the maintenance points of artificial turf, you can use it for a longer time, better maintain it, it can better serve us, the same is true for any sports facilities!

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