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How to maintain the artificial turf

  In view of this, artificial turf in installation must be fixed or stick firm, lest in the windy season accidents, causing unnecessary damage.And usually pay more attention to check whether artificial turf has the phenomenon of edging degumming, once found abnormal situation, need to take timely protection measures to avoid temporary negligence and cause serious consequences.

  Artificial turfs take at least two weeks to process and stabilize grass fibers, during which time it is recommended that all heavy equipment and unnecessary traffic vehicles should not travel on the artificial turf.Moreover, should control the cleaning time as far as possible, but also do not clean in the hot weather, so as not to have a negative impact on artificial turfs.

  In addition, the artificial turf filled with rubber particles, unlike the natural lawn, often takes several weeks of use and weathering to achieve ideal performance.This period of time requires not only the fiber silk deep woven into the artificial turf surface, but also the need for grain filling suitable.

  Many places now use artificial turfs, but some people will worry about its harm to the health of the human body, such fears are completely unnecessary.As long as the regular large manufacturers buy artificial turfs, are made of environmentally sound materials, so very safe.

  The main raw materials of artificial turf are PP and PE.These raw materials are non-toxic and pollution-free after strict quality testing, and many of the testing standards have reached international standards and will not have any effect on human body.And artificial turfs can also be very effective in preventing bacteria from breeding, so there are fewer bacteria on the artificial turf.

  In addition, the artificial turf can also prevent people and the ground for direct contact, but also a good protection of the soil.So in either way, the lawn is relatively safe.

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