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Kindergarten artificial turf paving attention

The first step: kindergarten artificial turf must be cleaned with the artificial turf floor to be bonded, and the surface is dry and moisture-free. The ambient temperature should be selected above 5 °C, and it is not suitable for construction under rain and mild rain. Otherwise, it will lead to too long bonding time or even non-stick phenomenon.

The second step: Gluing: It is required to apply a thicker and even surface on the surface of the rubber applicator. The artificial artificial lawn of the kindergarten can not be repeatedly coated with glue, otherwise there will be foaming or even falling. Strictly control the thickness of the glue, pay attention to the appropriate glue speed, and apply the glue to the two bonding surfaces.

Sticky: According to the actual influence of temperature, humidity, pressure and other conditions at the time, the drying time is reasonably controlled. Generally, within 10-30 minutes after the glue is applied, the glue reaches 80% to dry and the hand is not sticky. When bonding, it is required to be aligned once and firmly, and it is not allowed to move the bonded object back and forth after sticking.

Pressurization: After re-bonding, remove the surface debris, and hammer it from the bonding point to the two sides to make the surface fully contact and dense, and the bonding is firmer.

Curing: The artificial turf curing time in kindergarten is generally three days, and the final strength of the test is generally ten days. Care should be taken during curing to avoid exposure, flooding and movement, and the best bonding is achieved.

Pay attention to the construction of artificial turf in kindergartens; during construction, the adhesive should not be exposed for too long, because the solvent volatilization will cause the bonding to be too large to be constructed. If the temperature is too low, the hot water can be heated to 15-20 ° C, then the original state can be restored, and the performance remains unchanged.

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