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Kindergarten artificial turf quality requirements are higher

  Why do artificial turf manufacturers say that the quality of artificial turf is higher for kindergarten use? Kindergarten artificial turf has been widely accepted in the market in recent years, market demand is rising, and major manufacturers are constantly improving under the market demand. The production process, from the original artificial turf of various colors, has now been upgraded to a kindergarten-specific artificial turf that can produce different patterns on kindergarten artificial turf.

  The biggest problem for kindergartens is safety. This problem has become a flame retardant problem when it is placed on kindergarten artificial grass. Ensuring the safety of children is paramount, so it is a key issue for kindergarten artificial turf to be able to guarantee that it will not burn in the event of an open flame.

  Because of the safety issues, some kindergartens will personally experiment after purchasing the artificial artificial grass, and put a piece of kindergarten artificial grass flat sample on the ground and put the combustible cotton ball and other items on the gasoline and ignite it. During the burning process, the kindergarten The burning range of the artificial turf is naturally extinguished in the specified area, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of fire and plays a key role in the safety of the kindergarten.

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