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Lawn DIY, teach you to lay the lawn

  Although the fake lawn paving at home is simple, the basic process is still necessary. Here's how to do it:

  Step 1: Before the device, some weeds and garbage should be cleaned in the paved place. If it is not cleaned, it will affect the beauty and service life of the artificial turf.

  Step 2: Flatten the entire floor with gravel or coarse sand to ensure a flat place.

  Step 3: Compact the entire site with heavy objects, and sprinkle some water if conditions permit, so that it is easier to compact the ground. Be sure to evenly compact, otherwise the height of the place will be uneven, it will easily accumulate water, leading to degumming of artificial turf.

  Step 4: Use a tape measure to measure the size of the place, cut the fake lawn that was bought back, spread the fake lawn in the direction of the lawn, and then trim the corners of each area.

  Step 5: Use the joint belt and glue to splicing the lawn and the lawn. After the glue is dry, inject the quartz sand. The fake lawn of the household generally does not need to fill too much quartz sand. Around 6KG.

  Step 6: After sand injection, use the comb to back and forth the lawn evenly and flattened. The two-thirds of the grass with the false lawn height is taken as the standard. After finishing the flatness, the whole process is completed.

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