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Method for judging quality of artificial turf

Nowadays, living conditions are good. People want to relax with sports and other activities in their spare time. All the people who have adapted to the needs of everyone have started to build investment sports venues. Naturally, the users of artificial turf gradually become more and more. More and more artificial grass pitches, such as artificial grass soccer field, artificial grass basketball court, and other courses have been common. With the increasing use of artificial turf in sports fields, many schools and kindergartens have begun to use artificial turf for laying, and the demand for the market is constantly expanding. Therefore, artificial turf companies and manufacturers have also emerged in large numbers. Faced with so many artificial turf companies, as the purchaser of the lawn, it is definitely necessary to carefully select the goods, and the quality of the artificial turf is very cautious, and some customers will also shop for the same price, quality, etc. We can understand these as manufacturers, and also want to help customers, so let us teach you some simple ways to identify the quality of other people's turf:

1. Appearance: It can be observed from the aspects of structure, needle movement, rubber scraping, color, base fabric and density.

2. The combination of grass line, base cloth, and glue;

3. a variety of test data: anti-UV, anti-aging, wear-resistant, elastic, flame retardant (need to reach three levels) and friction. There are specific test standards in these areas, so professional equipment can be used to measure quality.

4. the strength of the production of artificial turf company, the company has the strength to maintain the later period of security

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