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Paved Artificial Turf with White Marking Lines

Due to advances in artificial grass processing equipment, it is now possible to use computer operations, or weave together different colors of grass fibers, so that grass rolls with white marking lines appear, reducing the need for artificial cutting and pasting of marking lines. Work, but also to improve the solidity of the logo, reduce the cost of the project, but in the paving, it is necessary to strengthen the measurement and pay-off work and adjust the leveling work, it is worth promoting the project.

To use artificial turf with white marking lines, two things need to be done before paving: First, the width and quantity of the white mark line should be proposed to the order manufacturer; secondly, the specific position of the white marking line should be calibrated at the construction site. , Provide convenient marks for easy construction.

With the marking line, the artificial turf paving method is exactly the same as the previous two paving methods, except that the paving order has changed, that is, the turf with the marking line is first paved and the paved line is marked with the line after the paving. The specific position controls the specific position of the artificial turf after it is rolled out. The adjustment and leveling are based on the white marking line.

The specific order of paving is: first to lay down one line of the bottom line of the football field, and then to lay one line of the bottom line on the other side, one along with the center line of the paving. After the completion of the three images, the two sides are laid and the goal line is laid. Finally, the rest of the football field is filled with blanks.

Since the curve mark line cannot be knitted yet, the marked line and the ball position of the curve position are added at the end.

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