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Pet artificial turf

There are more and more people who like to keep pets. How to make your pets happy is a very important thing! Using artificial turf is not only the choice of pet owners, but also an excellent choice for pet supplies related companies. It is a good way to be creative and enhance your competitiveness in pet products related facilities.

Artificial turf will become the favorite of dogs. Pets usually like soft and comfortable lawns and can play. Since dogs are used to the natural feeling of natural grass, artificial turf will be your better choice. The high imitation effect of the touch is very real, and your pet will not notice the difference. At the same time, the artificial grass is woven on the plastic base fabric. The small hole of the base fabric ensures the discharge of urine and water. It has good water permeability. The waste such as urine generated by the pet on the lawn can be automatically eliminated, and some odor is avoided.

You can enjoy pet artificial grass at will, without worrying that the dogs will tear or their excrement and smell will stain your lawn, will not leave urine and breed bacteria, cause disease, and easy to clean and maintain. Regarding the cleaning problem of dog artificial turf, many people will have this question! In fact, the cleaning of pet artificial turf is very simple and convenient, just need to rinse directly with water.

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