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The artificial turf in our daily life

Ornamental use of artificial turf, the normal selection of the color for green, and the color should be more uniform, fine leaves are also more symmetrical.

Rest to use artificial turf, mainly can provide open breaks, walks, and games, and other outdoor sports, generally will choose toughness, the blade is relatively thin. And very stampede-resistant manmade lawns.

The artificial turf that sports use, this kind of artificial turf is relatively diverse in kind, normal all with net shape structure is main, and contain filling, but also very stampede resistance. The most important thing is that it also has a certain performance of buffer protection. Although the artificial turf does not have the function of which kind of natural grass to produce oxygen, it still has the effect of fixing soil and preventing sand, and the artificial turf is much stronger than the natural grass in the protection of falling down. Will not be affected by any weather, the use of a longer period of time, therefore, is used in a large number of football fields and other related sports venues.

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