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The importance of the popularity of artificial turf

After the man-made damage, the maintenance and treatment and maintenance are simple, and the user can repair it by themselves; there is no color difference and traces at the repairing place, and the maintenance speed is fast and the cost is low. It is necessary to quickly plant grass and prevent pests and diseases, and the maintenance cost is high and the grass grows for a long time. Environmental factors have no toxic effects on the environment and air. Since artificial grass has so many excellent characteristics, in order to better explain the popularization trend of artificial turf.

Our artificial turf is divided into "sporty artificial turf" and "leisure artificial turf". "Sports artificial turf" is the professional playing football or tennis; golf; croquet and many other uses; "leisure artificial turf" is the most artificial turf for garden landscape, or roof insulation artificial turf; children's playground Artificial turf; garden artificial turf; mini football field artificial turf; decorative artificial turf and other multi-purpose uses. The artificial turf is divided into two types: imported grass and domestic grass. The grass for different purposes has different grades. The key is to look at the customer's own endurance and favorite models.

The biggest difference between the artificial mesh lawn and the monofilament artificial turf in the football field is the appearance of the two lawns. The grass fiber of the mesh artificial turf is very thick, similar to the plastic tying rope that we used in the past. The cross section of the opening has a mesh similar to a fishing net. As the name suggests, it is called a mesh wire.

Compared with the mesh lawn, the grass fiber of the monofilament artificial turf is relatively thin, the degree of bionics is higher, and the structure is closer to the natural turf. With the continuous development of the economy and the rapid improvement of people's living standards, this monofilament lawn has already More and more appear in the sports field, and the performance of sports has been widely recognized.

Natural turf is not flammable, and artificial turf is made of polyethylene or polypropylene. There are only carbon and hydrogen elements in the molecular chain. It is easy to discharge and cause fire in high temperature, heat and discharge. Its limiting oxygen index is only 17.4. There are major security risks. Although it can be alleviated to some extent by adding flame retardant, there are also many drawbacks. For example, adding BPA will increase the stimulating odor of the raw material; adding aliphatic halogen flame retardant will cause precipitation and the like. . At present, the use of flame retardants will lead to a decline in the physical and mechanical properties and electrical properties of the original product.

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