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The service life of artificial turf depends on the following points

  The service life of artificial turf field depends not only on the quality of the artificial turf itself, but also on the procurement, construction process, and later maintenance. It can be seen from some news that some artificial turf sites have been used for one year. There is a problem, and complaints from customers. Of course, there are problems with the quality itself, and there must be reasons for its maintenance. Therefore, in order to increase the service life of the site, we should start with the following points.

  In terms of purchase, there are many types of artificial turf, and the types and specifications are also very different. There are monofilament grass, straight grass, reticular grass, leisure grass, landscape grass, etc., when purchasing, it is necessary to distinguish those that are used for sports venues, but die. Four different distinctions. When choosing artificial turf, the first thing to do is to know where you want to use it. If it is used in sports fields, monofilament grass, straight grass, and mesh grass are the best choices. Different stadiums also use different artificial turf, as well as the choice of the appropriate specifications, the same artificial turf has different specifications, such as needle spacing, density, grass height and so on. The shelf life will vary depending on the price, so this requires attention.

  There are also many problems in construction that need attention. Poor construction has a great impact on the life of the site at a later stage. Artificial turf is mainly involved in the quality of the foundation and some problems in the process of laying artificial turf. If these two aspects are not done well, the service life of artificial turf cannot be guaranteed. The foundation foundation used for artificial turf is C25 cement foundation or asphalt foundation. It must be strictly required when laying, and it should be constructed according to construction requirements. The same applies to the laying of quartz sand and rubber particles.

  Post-maintenance, although artificial turf does not require much maintenance and maintenance personnel, it will also result in a short life span of artificial turf if left unchecked. Maintenance must pay attention to the prohibition of smoking and fire and snacks in the artificial turf field. The venue should be cleaned once a month, and if there is a match, it should be cleaned up immediately. Always pay attention to whether the artificial turf is off-line and repaired immediately.

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