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Three-dimensional wall artificial turf

  Three-dimensional wall paving artificial turf has become more and more popular, which is much more difficult than laying artificial turf in football fields and kindergartens. The main difficulty is that the construction takes a long time, and there is the problem of fixing the artificial turf on the wall.

  A square artificial turf is about two kilograms in weight, and it is difficult to secure it to the wall with glue. Although there are difficulties in construction, there are still many users who choose wall artificial turf. It is obvious that it has obvious advantages.

  If the artificial turf is installed on the three-dimensional wall, the tools and materials must be fully prepared, including long feet, wallpaper knives, artificial turf glue, brushes, rubber hammers, dragon skeletons, electric drills, nails, etc., all indispensable.

  Before the artificial turf construction connection process, the bonded wall surface should be cleaned first, and the surface should be kept dry and free of moisture. Then fix the dragon skeleton on the wall by holding the dragon skeleton close to the wall and using a brush to draw a small circle where the nail is needed, and drill the nail at this position to fix it.

  What is to be done next is to cut the artificial turf into the required size with a utility knife according to the height of the wall. After finishing, nail the lawn to the dragon skeleton, and don't forget to apply glue on the corner edge of the lawn to avoid cracking.

  It should be noted that the artificial turf brushing process should control the drying time, generally within 10-30 minutes after the glue is applied, and wait until the glue reaches 80% dry. When the construction is bonded, it is required to be aligned once and firmly, and it is not allowed to move the bonded object after bonding.

  After a certain period of curing and testing, the process of installing the artificial turf wall is basically completed. It can be seen that the dragon skeleton as a support is the key link of the artificial turf in the wall installation. Only in this way can the artificial turf be more Stable.

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