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Water spray maintenance of artificial turf is very important

  Spraying water and oil means applying artificial turf wax and artificial turf oil. It is a key measure to maintain artificial turf, which directly affects the service life of sports artificial turf.

  Water spray is an important measure to protect artificial turf, and it can keep artificial turf from drying, cracking and quality. Water spray also has the disadvantage that the surface of the artificial turf is too smooth, and the athletes are prone to wrestling and affect the technology. Therefore, waxing should be carried out according to the actual situation of each venue.

  The waxing time and method are as follows:

  1. Every spring. Wax before the wet back tide.

  2. Wipe the artificial grass and dry it. It can be washed with alkaline water or washing powder solution, or with a "grass brush", then rinsed with water, wiped and dried.

  3. On the artificial turf color. The color is determined by the color of the artificial turf, and can also be adjusted according to the needs of the sports project. The dimension should not be too large.

  4. Apply artificial turf wax. First, put the wax into a small bag (30 cm × 20 cm) sewn with beancloth cloth, and then spray water on the artificial lawn from the front to the back from the front of the site. After 3.4 hours, it was polished with a waxing machine.

  The artificial turf oil is prepared from the raw materials of No. 10 diesel oil, engine oil and rosin. It has the functions of making the artificial turf not dry, not degrading, anti-corrosion and anti-slip. Under normal circumstances, apply 1~2 times a week, and the number of times when the climate is dry can be increased as needed. The coating method is to spray the artificial turf oil on the online mop, and use the mop to drag the artificial turf 1~2 times.

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