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Why artificial turf construction to note sand?

  Artificial turf has been used extensively in sports venues, so knowledge of various artificial turf has also drawn much attention. When artificial turf is used, we find sand in the turf because sand is injected during artificial turf construction ,Why is this?

  In general, artificial turf can be divided into two categories, one is sand-filled artificial turf, one is non-sand-filled artificial turf. For example, artificial turf in football stadium, artificial turf in tennis court is sand injection-type artificial turf, and hockey field artificial turf and golf green artificial turf are non-sand injection-type artificial turf. At present, the number of sand injection-type artificial turf far exceeds the number of non-injection-type artificial turf. This is because sand injection-type artificial turf has greater advantages.

  The purpose of artificial turf construction sand injection is mainly to increase the flexibility of sports venues to maintain the vertical state of artificial turfgrass seedlings to avoid the problem of grass seedling lodging, but also help to improve the antistatic properties of artificial turf, play a drainage layer of hydrophobic effect.

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