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Why choose indoor artificial turf rugs?

  Artificial turf carpet is one of the leisure artificial turf applications, with artificial turf environmental protection, anti-aging, long life, easy pavement, affordable and easy to care for the characteristics of other types of rugs relative to the appearance, quality, use effect As well as the price, etc. have their own strengths, artificial turf rug carpet cheaper than the price of durable wool, chemical fiber plastic carpet is more suitable for everyday use, considering the cost is very high an option.

  Artificial grass carpet non-slip thick, because of its inherent soft grass and resilience, especially for the elderly and children's families, can play a good protective effect, reduce the possibility of falls and injuries; and high density of grass fiber Interwoven with the numerous gaps, but also played a good sound-absorbing effect, conducive to maintaining a quiet indoor environment; artificial turf carpet insulation properties in the summer can effectively prevent air-conditioned indoor air-conditioning leakage through the ground in the winter but also block the cool Infiltrate in and keep the temperature in the room.

  Due to the indoor air circulation is far less than outdoor venues, and lawn carpet and human direct contact with the frequency is much higher than the outdoor venues, artificial turf carpet for environmental protection has high requirements.

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