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A new world of artificial turf pets

  Pet artificial turf is helpful for the training of pets at home! If ordinary pet toilets are used, what are they not used to? The main reason is that we usually lack the time for systematic training of pets and treat them as themselves Nest! But many pets (cats and dogs) naturally like to use the toilet in the grass, and then put an artificial lawn in the dog's toilet, and everything is solved.

  At the same time, artificial grass is woven on a plastic backing. The small holes in the backing ensure the discharge of urine and water. It has good water permeability. Urine and other wastes generated by pets on the lawn can be automatically eliminated to avoid some odor. . The artificial turf is also very easy to clean up. It can be washed directly with water! It will not leave urine and breed bacteria to cause diseases, and it is easy to clean and maintain. Happy toilet training, artificial lawn is the best partner for pet toilets!

  1. No need to worry about sun exposure, land clumping, and mud. Because artificial grass does not need to be filled with soil, and it is resistant to cold and high temperature, it will not die of natural grass due to exposure to sunlight.

  2. High degree of simulation. The visual and tactile properties of pet artificial turf are no different from natural grass. The simulation effect is very real. The silk is soft and skin-friendly. In addition, professional artificial turf is all environmentally-friendly and edible-grade raw materials, which can provide a safe and comfortable environment for pets, and also provide enough space for pets to play and exercise.

  3. Durable. Because artificial turf has super abrasion resistance, its service life is more than 10 years, its straightness is good, and it is not easy to split off, so there is no need to worry about pets damaging the turf.

  4. Simple maintenance. In the later maintenance of natural lawns, insecticides are often used to maintain the lawn. After all, natural grasses are easy to breed pests such as mosquitoes. Insecticides will adhere to the lawn for a period of time to volatilize, and there will be some residues. These may It can hurt pets. If you accidentally eat something on the grass, it will likely endanger the lives of pets, but artificial turf will have no such troubles, and maintenance will not require chemicals or even zero maintenance.

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09 October, 2020



09 October, 2020



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