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Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago
Artificial Grass - DIY pattern

  Golden Moon artificial grass has been accepted and popularized until now and has achieved absolute market share. DIY artificial turf is especially popular among them, customers can choose favorite colors, patterns and types to customize.

  DIY artificial turf solves the problems of traditional lawn with large size and difficult cutting. Artificial turf uses high-quality monofilament, various colors and raw materials which is environmentally-friendly.

  Golden Moon DIY artificial grass also can retail and wholesale, customers only need to provide the following custom requirements:

  1.Colors (red, green, purple, blue, gray, yellow, white, black, etc.)

  2.Pattern (you can send your favorite pattern to our customer service)

  3.Grass parameters (according to the usage, we will suggest you to choose the right grass, such as home layout, living room, bedroom, shopping malls, activity show, balcony, roof, garden, etc.)

  Golden Moon always changes the world, more and more consumers choose Golden Moon and choose their favorite DIY artificial grass.

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