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How to determine the merits and demerits of artificial turf

  To distinguish the merits and demerits of the grass can be divided into two aspects, one is time, the other is temperature. Inferior grass silk is easy to appear under the long time use fork, the grass silk falls off, like wool to stick on the clothes. Of course, the production of fine mesh lawn will be durable, not easy to appear fork and shedding.In addition, the best to identify inferior web-filiform artificial turf in the hot summer exposure, exposure to the sun will make the lawn temperature rise very quickly, the poor lawn will emit irritating smell, and the grass silk is very hot.Easy to break.

  It is difficult to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the monofilament lawn.If it is compared with the inferior lawn, then it is very easy, through the above method of discrimination of the grass is also applicable.Monofilament lawn is more complex, mainly divided into heteromorphic grass and common grass.There are U type grass, S type grass, W type grass, single stem grass, V type grass and rhombohedral grass.The discrimination way mainly looked at the grass tip, some presented the U-shaped shape, some presented the V shape, and the single stem had a knot in the middle.

  The performance of special-shaped grass is much better than that of common grass, whether from the use of the years of service, oxidation, corrosion resistance and other conditions, or from the upright, ornamental aspects occupy the advantage.Therefore, to identify the grass should be concerned about the shape of the grass silk, whether it is heteromorphic grass.Of course, simple individual performance is the best upright is the V-type grass, the best wear resistance is S-type grass, and so on, these are on the special-shaped grass are a certain gap, mainly depends on their purchase direction to choose grass.Premium lawn service providers will talk about this in great detail.

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