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Artificial grass use age attention

  1. Selection of artificial turf

  There are many types of artificial turf, such as monofilament grass, straight grass, mesh grass, leisure grass, landscape grass, etc. Which artificial turf is the most suitable for us? When choosing artificial turf, we must first distinguish ourselves. Where to go, if it is used in sports fields, monofilament grass, straight grass, and mesh grass are the best choices. Different artificial turfs should be used for different courses. The most important thing is to choose the appropriate specifications. The same artificial turf has different specifications, such as needles, density, grass height and so on. The age of different GOLDEN MOON artificial turf is also different. It is best to choose a good brand reputation.

  2. Artificial turf construction stage

  Why does artificial turf construction have an impact on the life of artificial turf? GOLDEN MOON Artificial turf is mainly involved in the quality of foundation and the problems in the process of artificial turf laying. If these two aspects are not done, artificial turf The age of use is not guaranteed. The foundation foundation used for artificial turf is C25 cement foundation and asphalt foundation, and the foundation must be carried out according to requirements. In the process of laying artificial turf, it should also be noted that the filling of the auxiliary materials is mainly rubber particles and quartz sand.

  3. Artificial turf post maintenance

  The age of artificial turf is not only determined by the quality and construction of the artificial turf itself, but also closely related to the maintenance of the later period. If the later maintenance is not in place, the life of the artificial turf is very short. Post-maintenance must pay attention to the prohibition of smoking and fire and snacks in the GOLDEN MOON artificial turf field. The venue will be cleaned once a month, and if there is a match, it will be cleaned up immediately. Always pay attention to whether the artificial turf is removed from the glue and repaired immediately.

  The age of artificial turf is affected by many aspects. We can't just maintain it from a single aspect. We must pay attention to the age of artificial turf from the very beginning. The only way to improve the service life of artificial turf is to increase the service life of artificial turf.

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