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Natural grass and artificial grass selection

The early investment of natural grass is bigger than that of artificial grass. It needs to be from pines, transplanted turf, fertilization, water diversion, and conservation. It requires a lot of manpower and material resources. If there are major climate differences or water problems, it needs to be involved. To achieve the establishment of constant temperature engineering and water diversion works; artificial grass does not have to consider these problems, only the site is flattened, there is a fixed drainage ditch, it will do; investment is small, one-off, less manpower and material resources. Natural grass must be solid soil and work through loose soil, fertilization, etc. If the foundation is not solid soil, it is necessary to carry out the work of purchasing the good soil to lay the ground; and the artificial grass is not so troublesome, any foundation can be, no What works. The weather resistance of natural grass is farther than that of artificial grass. Natural grass needs to provide more comfortable space. The water is applied regularly, the temperature difference is not too big, and all adverse weather will affect the growth of grass; if the water diversion and constant temperature system is established, although it is solved This problem, but their operation will have a cost; and artificial grass will not retain the original color and state without any weather.

Compared with artificial grass, the natural grass has a mesh structure that enhances the elasticity and recovery of artificial grass, and can overcome the phenomenon that other grasses are easy to “sweep”. It can also disperse the strong pulling force in intense exercise, making the grass not easy to break, and the sand in motion will maintain high flatness due to the mesh density of the fiber.

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