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Artificial turf and natural lawn which is more suitable for athletes

Many people still have a misunderstanding about the injury of artificial turf sports games, or retain the thinking of artificial turf in the early days. In today's production process, artificial turf is completely comparable to natural turf, and even some performance has surpassed. Natural lawn. This also makes artificial turf very popular in sports venues and other leisure venues.

The sixth generation of artificial turf has been developed from the first generation of nylon artificial turf into a better artificial turf of polyethylene raw materials. It is also made of the first generation of high hardness, easy to open, and the elasticity difference is changed into soft, resilience. Good, wear-resistant sixth-generation lawn. Such artificial turf is very similar to natural turf, and its wear resistance is better than that of natural turf. In addition, the lawn is filled with environmentally friendly rubber granules and SEPP cushion, and the chance of injury on such a site is greatly reduced.

According to statistics, more than 1.4 million adults are sent to hospitals every year during sports injuries, including sprains accounting for 34%, fractures accounting for 19%, and abrasions accounting for 15%. Among them, lack of effective protection accounts for 70% of injuries. In the case of a person, the chance of injury on an artificial turf field is 3% less than that on a natural turf field, which is surprising. If a safety shock absorbing layer is placed on the artificial turf field, the impact absorption performance is improved, and the risk of sports injury is greatly reduced. This is also the main reason why artificial turf can gradually replace natural turf.

All of this is based on the need to ensure that the product is in compliance with national standards. For example, the quality of the grass of the artificial turf, the environmental performance of the rubber particles of the filler. The raw materials that may be used in inferior artificial turf are not produced in accordance with the standard. The height and density of the grass are insufficient, and the base fabric is thin. Such products are not qualified, and the athletes are not protected from the lawn movement. Even exercising on such a lawn increases the risk of injury. Although the development of artificial turf products is a process of continuous improvement and continuous improvement, artificial turf has different shortcomings and deficiencies in the past and present. These deficiencies must be solved in the future. But in terms of current technical standards and product performance, playing on artificial turf is no more likely to cause injury than natural turf.

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