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Does artificial turf cause skin allergies?

  The raw material of artificial turf is edible environmentally friendly plastic products, just like the plastic products used in normal times (plastic lunch boxes, disposable cups). Therefore, artificial turf itself does not produce allergies. Children playing on artificial turf at will have no effect. Many people think that artificial turf has a taste that affects the children's respiratory system and causes allergies. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of artificial turf, because this taste is produced from artificial turf backing. This taste is usually used. Plastic tires are the same. This adhesive is made of environmentally friendly adhesive, so there is no allergen on the adhesive. Now with the advancement of technology, many of them use green and environmentally friendly adhesives, which are tasteless. Does not cause any harm to the human body.

  Of course, there are artificial turf manufacturers who use poor quality materials for the benefit. After long-term outdoor sun and rain, they will age and decompose, and will be decomposed into granules. After being trampled, the air will enter the child's respiratory system and produce nasal and throat. Stimulating, which can cause children's respiratory allergies or inflammation. Therefore, choosing a good manufacturer is also the main channel to avoid these problems, in order to ensure the material and environmental performance!

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