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Artificial turf and natural turf maintenance are different

When entering the field of vision from artificial turf, it has been used by everyone to compare with natural grass, compare the advantages between them, show the disadvantages between them, no matter how they compare, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. No one is relatively perfect, can only say that according to the needs of customers, the corresponding choice is satisfied. Let us first look at what is different between the conservation of them.

The maintenance of natural grass requires a very professional green lawn care machine. The hotel is generally not equipped. Your hotel has a green of about 1000 square meters. It should be equipped with dredging equipment, sprinkler irrigation equipment, sharpening equipment, green lawn mower, etc. Usually, a normal golf course will have a lawn machinery investment of no less than 5 million yuan. Of course, your hotel does not need so many professional equipment, but in order to maintain a good green, hundreds of thousands are inevitable. The maintenance equipment for artificial turf is simple and requires only a few simple cleaning tools.

Workers with different professional mechanical operators, maintenance personnel and maintenance personnel are indispensable in the management of natural grass. Non-professional maintenance personnel may cause large-scale death of green grasses due to improper maintenance. Even professional golf clubs are not uncommon. The maintenance of artificial turf is very simple. It only needs cleaning workers to clean it every day, and it is necessary to clean it every three months.

The cost of maintenance is different. Because natural grass has to cut grass every day, it is necessary to kill insects every ten days, and it is necessary to carry out dredging, sand supplementation and fertilization at intervals. The cost is naturally high. And professional golf course nurses must also have a special drug subsidy, the standard is 100 yuan per person per month. The daily maintenance of the artificial turf only requires the cleaner to clean it by the way. In comparison, from the aspect of conservation, everyone sees artificial turf slightly better than natural turf, but it is not necessarily in other aspects. In short, each has its own advantages, each has its own shortcomings, and no one is perfect. .

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