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Surat, Gujarat
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Artificial turf---the first choice for community greening

Whether it is a village or a township, community construction is now more and more. The mass production of township and village communities is to build and carry out the city very well. The construction of the village community is not only the development of the community but also the collective farm. Nowadays, the villages are gradually entering the status quo of the collective farms. It became a gathering to live in the community. To be honest, young people are used to the days of today, but as a day, they are very tired of this collective day. They may feel that there is no privacy and that the legs and feet are not convenient for climbing. It is very difficult. Therefore, as the builders of the government and even the community, they all think about the inconvenience of the children and the children. When building the community, they will set up a playground for the children in the community in the center of the community or in the area where the residents live. A large local community for community activities.

The leisure and entertainment places in the community are vacant, but they cannot be blank land. Planners always plan some unique features to attract everyone to rest, swim, etc. Some builders may have planted natural vegetation before, not only Everyone appreciates and can rest on the rest, but now the society has improved. Some natural vegetation has gradually replaced artificial turf. For example, on the playground ground, they will use the artificial grass-made rainbow runway to lay on it and fight. Some beautiful pictures, artificial turf have been laid on the natural lawn, and some green areas in some communities are replaced by artificial grass. The laying of artificial turf can not only beautify the community, but also bring a lot of green smell to the town or village, and more and more to the white and the children brought a lot of gorgeous smiles, etc. These can completely let us go I love the lawn and love the hard-won green around us.

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