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Artificial turf classification

  The application of artificial turf is more and more extensive. For example, people often see this kind of artificial turf in the playground of the school, and there are some leisure and greening places. The professional sports field requires artificial turf. Artificial turf is divided into sports lawn and leisure lawn. For example, the football field is also the most widely used place for sports lawns, and there are many school playgrounds. The current sports lawn is basically between 30 and 60 mm, which can better maintain the resilience and wear resistance of the lawn.

  Artificial turf is divided into sports lawns and recreational lawns. Sports field screens are widely used, such as in football fields, school sports fields or kindergartens, which use artificial turf extensively. There is also a landscape lawn, such as a park community on both sides of the road, etc., which also uses this artificial lawn to serve as a landscape.

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