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Advantages of kindergarten-specific artificial turf

  When kindergartens use a lot of plastic and PVC materials to lay the ground, a new type of special design, safe and beautiful kindergarten artificial turf appears, compared with plastic and PVC, has unparalleled advantages.

  The first is a dedicated design. The artificial artificial turf for kindergarten uses bionics design. Its appearance and foot feel are very close to the natural lawn. The green and other colors are used to prepare various patterns, which can be used as paving materials and teaching utensils.

  Second is safety and environmental protection. Plastic and PVC materials have high requirements for paving foundations and also emit toxic gases such as formaldehyde. The artificial turf for kindergarten is made of environmentally-friendly materials, non-toxic and tasteless, and the grass is treated with a special UV coating, which has superior antibacterial properties. The superior pull-out force prevents young children from eating, and the anti-aging property makes it last twice as long as ordinary artificial grass. The cost of special artificial turf is only about 40% of plastic and PVC materials, and maintenance is very simple.

  Once again, it is beautiful and comfortable. The difference between the artificial artificial turf and the general artificial turf is that the appearance is high and the comfort is strong. The turf pattern is comprehensive, rich in color, and has strong matching, which can be adapted to the surrounding environment. Artificial turf paving is much faster and easier than plastic and PVC, and it can be adapted to all-weather venues and can be reused flexibly.

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