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Artificial turf cleaning treatment attention

  Brush length: The brush of the cleaning machine is long and short. Generally, different brushes are selected according to different sites or garbage. It is not the same brush to clean, which may cause the brush to be carried too long on the artificial lawn. The filling particles, so the brush must have a suitable choice. Normally, the brush can just touch the top of the straw. If it is too short, it will not be cleaned. If it is too long, it will scratch the lawn base and the filling. It can also lead to uneven terrain.

  Grease: Grease is more difficult to clean, especially on the grass fibers of artificial turf. If there is grease on the lawn, try not to use a cleaning machine to clean it. Not only can it be cleaned, but more and more lawns have oil. Generally, the oil is an acidic liquid, which destroys the structure and pigment of the grass fiber. The color of the grass of the artificial turf is changed, so when using the cleaning machine, do not use it with grease. Of course, when cleaning, it is also necessary to prevent oil leakage from the cleaning machine.

  Frequency of use: Many people think that cleaning garbage should be cleaned every day. In fact, it is not suitable for artificial turf. If the cleaning frequency is too high, it may cause the grass and filling particles of the site to be loose, and the ball's movement track and athletes will be composed. The risk of injury, but this is not absolute, depending on the use of the site, in the frequent use of artificial grassland, cleaning is generally two months a month.

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