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Artificial turf drainage system design

  The artificial turf is designed with a drainage system, the turf cushion is permeable, and the foundation layer is designed with drainage pipes. The construction structure of such turf is complicated and the cost is high. However, some systems do not have a drainage system designed, so it depends on the natural slope of the surface to drain, so the surface construction requirements are higher. Before the construction of the artificial turf in the landscape, in order to ensure the quality and economic efficiency of the turf, there are other factors such as the treatment of the base layer and the selection of the bonding glue.

  1. The laying site of the leisure artificial turf needs to have the required requirements of the inclination of five thousandths, and the compactness must also meet certain requirements. If the requirements are not met, the artificial-turf laying effect will be affected.

  2. Special seam belts should be laid on the joint surface of the artificial turf, and fixed with steel nails. The steel nail heads should not be raised. Otherwise, the joint cloth and the turf will not be densely contacted and the bonding will not be firm.

  3. artificial turf paving requires special glue, do not use inferior glue, otherwise it will cause the lawn to fall off in a short period of time, especially in the rainy southern region, the main reason is that the inferior glue is not environmentally friendly, serious situation It will affect the health of you and your family.

  4. the process of coating glue should also pay attention to the need to be thin and even, can not be repeated glue, otherwise there will be bubbles, so it will not bond well, or even fall.

  5. In the details, we also need to pay attention to the fact that the bottom surface of the lawn and the bottom surface of the seam belt must be cleaned. After the glue is applied, it should not be exposed. The temperature of the construction is above 5 degrees. It is not suitable for construction on rainy days. Otherwise, it will cause no Sticky phenomenon.

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