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Artificial turf filling material

  Selection of artificial turf types The lawn surfaces of the simulated turf can be divided into two types: mosaic and woven.

  The woven lawn is made of nylon and finished in a carpet. Compared with the inlaid tufted lawn, the braided artificial turf is complicated in production and relatively expensive. The surface of the turf is hard and the cushioning performance is not good. However, the uniformity of the turf is good and durable, which is very suitable for tennis, hockey, lawn bowling, etc. motion.

  Selection of Filling Material The filling material of the artificial turf is generally sand or rubber granules, and sometimes the two are mixed. When mixing, the ratio of the two is determined according to the specific conditions. The usual mixing ratio is 70% rubber granules + 30 %sand. In the past, 100% sand was used as a filling material in order to increase the stability of the base of the lawn. However, with the maturity of the artificial turf manufacturing process, the basic manufacturing is relatively perfect, so in the past, sand was used to stabilize the lawn. It has gradually been eliminated, and now more used filling methods are 100% rubber particles.

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