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Artificial turf filling particles

  The artificial turf will be filled with quartz sand and rubber particles, and filled with rubber particles to ensure better sports performance. In fact, in the process of constructing and laying many artificial turf football fields, quartz sand and rubber particles will be filled. For example, these are the so-called filler particles, whose main function is to provide medium hardness for the artificial turf system, enhance the drainage performance of the artificial turf, and prevent the artificial turf from moving horizontally. Artificial turf system can provide more moderate sports performance.

  1.elastic environmental protection particles

  Among many filling particles, the elastic environment-friendly particles adopt thermoplastic elastomer synthesis technology, which is an innovative artificial turf filling product. The appearance adopts a plum shape to increase the elasticity and water retention of the particles. The structure adopts a solid structure, which can effectively increase the service life and prevent floating damage. It is safe, environmentally friendly and can be 100% recycled.

  2.sports particles

  Its physical and mechanical properties and product properties are very close to those of natural rubber. Ultra-high rubber content of 40%-60%, with excellent sports elasticity experience. The moving particle is a new kind of styrene-butadiene latex moving particle. Its main material comes from European green tire cover, which complies with EU RoHS and other environmental protection standards. It has also passed FIFA's testing standards, and its sports performance such as UV resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, and rebound far exceeds that of similar domestic products. It is the first-choice filling pellet product for artificial turf systems in many European and American countries.

  3.plant ecological cork particles

  Plant ecological cork particles are products made from natural cork. This product is made by collecting the bark from the surface of natural cork after 25 years of maturation and processing it through a special process. It is a 100% ecological, 100% environmental protection, no odor, recyclable, high elasticity, and high resistance new artificial turf filling particle system. In addition, the cork particles have a good touch and small splashes, which can greatly reduce the damage caused by exercise. The heat absorption is low. The surface temperature of the lawn is 30% lower than the temperature of the filled rubber particles, making the exercise more comfortable; super water absorption performance, can be directly after rain use. Due to the natural nature of the product, the product contains ultra-high natural fiber content, providing a better exercise experience and reducing the filling ratio.

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