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Why should artificial grass turf be filled with particles

  Why should artificial grass turf be filled with particles?

  1. Extend the service life of artificial grass turf

  Because football is an intense sport, the density and quality of artificial grass turf are not enough. If there is no suitable auxiliary material for filling, the turf will soon wear and crack after being trampled for a long time. This not only shortens the life of the artificial grass turf, but may also cause injury to athletes.

  2. The turf of the artificial grass turf is soilless and can be properly filled with quartz sand and rubber particles for fixation

  If there is no protection of quartz sand, the turf of artificial grass turf will quickly fall off and wear out during high-intensity football games, so it is necessary to fill an appropriate amount of quartz sand. Generally, 14-16 mesh 6kg rubber particles and 40-60 mesh 25kg quartz sand are suitable, and the filling height is 35mm.

  3. Enhance friction

  Most people know that the material of artificial grass turf is polyethylene. In other words, it is made of brushed plastic, so the surface is very smooth, much smoother than natural grass. Those who have played on artificial grass turf should know that the ground can be slippery when it rains. If filled with rubber particles, it can greatly increase the friction of the lawn and effectively improve the performance of the artificial lawn.

  To sum up, what are the artificial grass turf filling particles and why the filling particles are all. Filler particles are an important part of the artificial grass turf system. In addition to protecting grass silk and stabilizing the lawn, it can also provide corresponding sports performance for the competition venue to meet the requirements of friction, shock absorption, and elasticity.

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