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Artificial turf grass hair shape and characteristics

  In recent years, with the rapid development of the social economy, people have paid more and more attention to physical health, and thus more and more people participate in sports activities.

  The artificial grass field has high utilization rate, is shock-absorbing, noise-free, safe and non-toxic, flexible, and has good flame-retardant properties. It is very suitable for school use and is a common venue for activities, training and competition.

  The artificial grass series is rich in variety, color, grass stems and dense, grass length from 12mm to 55mm, from sand injection to non-sanding sand, can be customized according to your budget, engineering requirements, stadium service objects.

  Grass hair shape:

  1. Straight grass: It is the most widely used and most enjoyable, and the price is the cheapest. Sports environments such as tennis, basketball, and running athletes that have less chance of falling and scratching are most suitable.

  2. Curl grass: Because the grass hair is curved and folded, the athletes are relatively less scratched on the grass hair and are used in football fields.

  3. Curl grass: The grass hair is a circle type, which is more compactly folded on each other. It is especially used for grass ball or ball rolling on the turf. It will not be affected by the laying of grass hair due to laying, affecting the walking route of the ball. Higher exercise. Commonly known as: no guide turf.

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