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Artificial turf rubber particle filling

The significance of rubber granules filling artificial turf is that the Golden Moon artificial turf has natural turf-like elasticity, rolling performance and good interaction between human grass and ball grass. It is an important component of the artificial turf system and also a part of the system that directly contacts people. The environmentally-friendly rubber granules are made by mixing and granulating styrene-butadiene rubber with color masterbatch and auxiliaries. The production process strictly controls the process to ensure the elasticity of the rubber granules and does not contain heavy metals or odor. However, the rubber pellets produced by this method are relatively expensive and are used only in a few sites. Most of the sites use rubber granules made from waste rubber products such as waste tires, soles, wires, and cables. Due to the complex composition of such rubbers, different auxiliaries may form reactions or decomposition during processing or use to produce toxic and harmful substances. The substance is harmful to the user and the environment.

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