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Artificial turf in urban greening

The emergence of artificial turf broke such an endless loop, the first is the absolute price advantage, the price of artificial turf can be said to be very low, whether it is laying or buying natural lawn incomparable. This advantage quickly occupied the peak, began to rapidly develop in urban afforestation.

Urban greening work, we must take into account the suitability of the overall style, not like the natural lawn itself a single color, artificial turf can make a lot of color changes, can be suitable for different styles. Such a change of urban greening style is also a natural advantage of such lawns.

Popularize is also a big advantage of artificial turf in urban greening and, if used properly, allows the lawn to have other uses. There is no need to worry anymore about the precautionary nature of natural lawns, and artificial turf can be used in different places simply by this simple modification.

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19 March, 2021


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