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Choose the right artificial turf glue

  Artificial turf glue will be lawn and seam cloth, lawn and ground bonding fixed role, is an artificial lawn pavement process important accessories.

  Artificial turf glue standards usually need to achieve the following three:

  1. Water resistance, outdoor artificial turf site drainage must be done, turf glue selection of waterproof performance. If not waterproof, late lawn seams or cracking, shaking and other issues.

  2. Wide range of temperature, artificial turf site in the cold winter minimum temperature may be to reach tens of degrees below, artificial turf glue need to be resistant to cold. In tropical, artificial turf glue needs to be nearly sixty degrees high temperature.

  3. Adhesive high, the use of turf and glue is closely related to the viscosity of the glue may be back to the lawn joints and the surrounding curling, affecting the artificial turf life.

  Artificial turf glue the first step to see what the glue is for the bonding material. Some glue for bonding metal, and some suitable for bonding foam, and some suitable for bonding plastic, and some suitable for bonding glass and so on. There are also common glue, such as omnipotent glue. The second step to select the appropriate temperature range of glue, choose the appropriate temperature range to achieve the artificial turf outdoor temperature. The third step to see the environmental performance of glue, the general high environmental quality of the glue higher.

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