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Application of artificial turf in commercial decoration

  In the past, the common method in office design was to increase the size of small potted plants and other green plants, to embellish the space, to create an atmosphere, and to play the role of purifying the air. Experiments show that people can get some improvement in the subtle mood under the green office environment. . At this time, interior space designers came up with the idea of ​​adding artificial turf elements to the green office space for paving design.

  There are several reasons for using artificial turf:

  1. The construction period of ground materials in the past is often long, and the construction time of artificial turf can be greatly shortened.

  2. Large-scale paving artificial turf gives people a feeling of working on the grass, which can make the nerves of the office staff relax a little, not so tight, and the thoughts can be more flexible and work more efficiently.

  3. Compared with natural grass, the artificial turf is always green in all seasons, does not appear in the state of dry grass, can be used all day, and the maintenance cost is low.

  Of course, in any engineering renovation, there will be some space pollution, and artificial grass engineering is no exception. However, the decoration materials are the key factors determining the degree of spatial pollution. In order to make the office space more green and environmentally friendly, it is necessary to strictly control the quality of materials during the decoration, and select materials that meet international environmental protection standards to reduce pollution from materials. Golden Moon Lawn is a good choice for you!

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