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Damage to natural lawns caused by large-scale sports

  Artificial turf is a kind of artificial turf made by artificial method, which is made from inanimate plastic chemical fiber products.It is an important way to solve the problem that the natural lawn is not easy to grow and not suitable for planting, such as high utilization intensity and extremely unfavorable growth conditions.In recent years, with the continuous updating of artificial turf construction technology and the development of fiber material and filling material, many shortcomings of artificial turf, such as high surface hardness and poor buffering performance, have been gradually improved.

  Of course, these are based on the correct selection of lawn materials and ensure scientific and reasonable construction technology and quality premise, can be achieved.

  Natural lawn can withstand the use of limited intensity, a week should not be held more than five events, rain and snow weather can only be postponed.At the same time, the natural lawn is not suitable for too many non-competition activities, such as large-scale public events on the lawn caused great harm.

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